Importance of Punctuation in English Essay

Most of the students do not know the importance of punctuation in essay writing, and they ignore the punctuation marks. When writing an essay, their concentration is on organizing the text, ideas, grammar, vocabulary, and sentence fluency. In order to complete the essay in a short time, students do not focus on punctuation. If you want to write a brilliant essay, then you have to understand the importance of punctuation marks in essay writing.

Punctuation is not only important in an essay, but you have to include it in any writing. It is necessary to use proper punctuation marks to help the readers to understand the sentences. The reader would be able to understand your point of view, so that's why it's important to use proper punctuation marks in your essay. Students can score good marks if they focus on punctuation marks.

Just Like grammar and a good vocabulary make your essay attractive, proper use of punctuation marks is also necessary for your essay to make it easily readable and understand the sentences. Sometimes, you write a good essay but still don't score good marks, and you don't realize that you have ignored the punctuation marks and loosed your marks. If you really want to score good marks in essay writing, then you need to understand the importance of punctuation marks.

If you don't know where to put punctuation marks in your sentences, take help from professional paper writer because importance of punctuation is more valuable than anything.

Tips on Punctuation

There are different types of punctuation in English grammar such as comma, colon, question mark, underline, a hyphen, exclamation mark, brackets, quotation marks, apostrophe, full stop, etc. You have to understand why and where these punctuation marks are used so that you can use them properly in your content.

·         Commas and Semi-Colons

Many people don't bother to use proper commas and semi-colons in their essays. Read your essay aloud and see where you need a pause and where you need a break. If there is a short pause, use a comma, and if a long pause but not a complete sentence, then use a semi-colon.

·         Your Referents Should be Clear

When you say "that point," or simply "it" you need to be clear what you want to say and which point you are referring to? Take a pause so the reader would understand your purpose in writing.

·         Italics and Underline

You cannot use both of them at a time. The meaning of both is the same; underlining means copy-editing marks. You have to understand the purpose of each in order to use the correct one in your sentence.


I hope this article helped you a lot in understanding the purpose of punctuation in an English essay. You can test your knowledge by attempting online grammar exercises. Write my essay for me by taking the help from the professional paper writing service.

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